Outstanding results with plaque psoriasis

If you've been diagnosed with chronic severe plaque psoriasis, it's good to know that REMICADE® delivers outstanding results. In fact, in a clinical study, 80% of chronic patients achieved at least 75% improvement at 10 weeks. In another clinical study, some patients saw improvement in as few as 2 weeks. Individual results may vary.

More about REMICADE®

REMICADE® has been used to treat more than 1.3 million patients worldwide across all approved uses.

REMICADE® is given as a 2-hour IV infusion by a healthcare professional, so someone is always there during your treatment, and for a period of time afterward, to monitor you for side effects. After the 3 starter doses, you may need REMICADE® only once every 8 weeks–as few as 6 times a year.

REMICADE®, like other medicines that affect your immune system, is a strong medication that can cause serious side effects. Please read the Important Safety Information and the Medication Guide for REMICADE®, and discuss any questions or symptoms with your doctor.

Ask your dermatologist if REMICADE® is right for you.