Living with psoriatic arthritis

My name is Rose, and my psoriatic arthritis progressed quickly. In about 8 weeks, I went from having one tiny spot of flaky skin to having difficulty doing the things I used to do. At first I thought it was just my skin symptoms that made it hard for me to move, but my doctor told me it was my joints too and that I had psoriatic arthritis.

Results with REMICADE®

There was a year where my skin and joints were really bad. I couldn’t lift my arms. I could hardly even get up the stairs to go to the bathroom. Then my doctor suggested I try REMICADE®. I knew it was working when I just got up and walked to the bathroom. I didn’t have to hold on to the wall. I could just get up and walk.

My life with REMICADE®

My joints don’t hurt as much anymore, my skin is clearer, and my doctor says I haven’t had any further joint damage since I’ve been on REMICADE®.

Now I can do things again. My husband and I love to travel, and one of my favorite things to do is just go out and walk in a beautiful park near where I live. These are all things I couldn't have done without REMICADE®.

Rose’s experience is representative of people with active psoriatic arthritis who have responded to therapy with REMICADE® under a doctor’s supervision. Individual results may vary.

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