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additional Resources

Help understanding cost support options

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Patient Affordability Options for REMICADE®

A summary of some of the cost support options that may be available to you to help make your treatment with REMICADE® more affordable.



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REMICADE® Patient Brochure

This brochure provides information on resources and programs that are available to support your REMICADE® treatment—whether you’re just getting started or looking for options to help you stay on therapy.


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Discussion Guide

If you are asked to change your medication, this discussion guide provides questions you can ask your doctor to learn more about why you’re being asked to switch and what options are available.


Watch Real People Tell Their Treatment Stories

MODERATELY TO SEVERELY ACTIVE Crohn's disease treatment
MODERATELY TO SEVERELY ACTIVE Rheumatoid arthritis treatment

Hear from real patients as they talk about the disease, their symptoms, and finding a treatment that was right for them.


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Listen to Megan describe her
experience with intravenous (IV) infusion
treatment with REMICADE®.


  • What is a biosimilar?

    A biosimilar is a biological product that is determined to be highly similar to and with no clinically meaningful differences from an existing Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved biologic product (also known as a reference product).

    A biologic reference product is the product, already approved by the FDA, against which a biosimilar product is compared.

  • Are biosimilars the same as generic medications?

    Biosimilars are not generics, and there are important differences between the two. Compared to a brand-name drug, a generic drug must have the same active ingredients and must be bioequivalent. By contrast, compared to a biologic reference product, a biosimilar must be highly similar (except for minor differences in clinically inactive components) and must show that there are no clinically meaningful differences in terms of safety and effectiveness.

  • What does interchangeability mean?

    A biosimilar product that has been designated by the FDA as interchangeable has met the following requirements:

    • It can be expected to produce the same clinical result as the reference product in any given patient
    • The risk of alternating or switching between the products (in terms of safety or diminished efficacy) must be no greater than the risk of using the reference product without alternating or switching

    No infliximab biosimilars are approved as interchangeable with REMICADE®.

Cost and coverage glossary


Your share of the costs of a covered healthcare service, calculated as a percentage (for example, 20%) of the allowed amount for the service. You pay co-insurance once you’ve met your deductible.


A fixed amount (for example, $15) you pay for a covered healthcare service, usually when you receive the service. The amount can vary by the type of covered healthcare service.


The amount you owe for healthcare services before your health insurance or plan begins to pay. For example, if your deductible is $1000, your plan won’t pay anything until you’ve met your $1000 deductible for covered healthcare services subject to the deductible. The deductible may not apply to all services.

Out-of-pocket cost

The net amount that it costs you personally, after insurance payments and other forms of support are subtracted from the total cost.


Sometimes called prior authorization, prior approval, or precertification, this is a decision by your health insurance or plan that a healthcare service, a treatment plan, a prescription drug, or durable medical equipment is medically necessary. Your health insurance or plan may require preauthorization for certain services before you receive them, except in an emergency. Preauthorization isn’t a promise your health insurance or plan will cover the cost.

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